Matt aka Stephie (poeticgoddess) wrote,
Matt aka Stephie

I Love You...But Only for Legos!

We were sitting around at your house, bored. So what do we start doing? Play-fighting, like usual. I had a broken foot, but neither of us really seemed to care. Why should we? We did this all the time. As we were wrestling, you said, "You can't beat me because I'm so masculine and manly." That did it. I was on the floor, in hysterics. I was laughing so hard that tears were falling from my eyes. You thought of this as your opportunity to win the match, and went to pull me up. But somehow, you stepped on my toe. You ripped up my toenail, and broke my toe. I let out a scream, because I was in so much pain. You felt so bad that you hid in another room and cried, while your mom bandaged my toe up.

We went babysitting later that night. By then you had apologized for breaking my toe 2 dozen times, and I apologized for screaming at you just as much. We both felt bad, and you could tell. Well, we were sitting on the floor, playing with the kids, when I noticed the plastic container of legos above me. I wanted to play with the legos. But being a cripple, I couldn't get up, or get the legos myself. "Tommy," I said to you. "Will you please get the legos down for me?" "No!" you said. I gave you my sad, puppy dog look and said, "Tommy, I loooooove you!" And then you got down the legos for me. And I smiled my mischievous smile, and said, "But only for legos!"
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