Matt aka Stephie (poeticgoddess) wrote,
Matt aka Stephie


It was so easy before
To push you away
And forget about you
But then you had to kiss me
With those lips
And look at me
With those eyes
And make me wonder what
It would be like to be with you
Again; I fall in love too easy
But I push the feelings away
Try to stop them from coming
Until I think of how it would
Feel to have you hold me again
No, I cant, I wont
Put myself thru the torture
The pain, I can't relive it
You had to walk back into
My life when i was certain
I did not need you anymore
But here you are
Fucking with my emotions
Not even knowing what you're doing
But don't stop, I beg of you
The harder it is, the more I want
To fight it
For the most excruitiating pain
Is when you walk out
Dulled only by when you walk in
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