Matt aka Stephie (poeticgoddess) wrote,
Matt aka Stephie

Slowly Disappearing

One day, you'll need me
And I won't be there
I wont be standing at the door
Begging for u to let
Me into your life
And there will be a day
When you turn around
And miss me
For I'm not standing there anymore
And you'll need me
For something
Only to find that I have
Disappeared from your life
From your sight
From your arms
And one day
I'll stop wanting you
And I'll find someone knew
To give all my affections to
And that will be the day
That you start running in my
Direction, confessing your love
But where have u been?
Certainly, not my friend
Not here when I need you
Not standing by
Somewhere else, far away
Too busy to notice
Not important enough for
You attention
Which goes to a thousand other
People, places, and things
So one day you'll turn around
And expect my to be there
With open arms
But you'll only find
Empty space
And dead air
In place of me
So act now, while I'm still here
For the second you need me
Ill be gone
Far away from here
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